Our quality policy;
Our organization's quality policy needs of our customers troubleshoot, substitute products and additional ideas needed with technical know-how, our need market information by sharing our customer needs most effectively identified and met to ensure our customers the best products with the highest quality and the specified time is to bring.
Özborsan quality, starting from the procurement of raw materials, product delivery and customer satisfaction after the continuation of a process that involves.

- Production management system to adapt to emerging technologies
- High value-added products to increase our capacity
- Our relationships with buyers and sellers, strengthening to make the most efficient, and our country to be more useful.
- Better quality and highly efficient production and our employees, our customers, our environment and our country to be more useful.

Product Quality Standards

DIN 2440
DIN 2441
DIN 2394
DIN 2395
EN 10219
BS 6363
DIN EN 1317